Stroud, Vanessa

Welcome to Language Arts
Mrs. Stroud

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Language Arts is important in so many different ways to your life. Don't believe me? Keep a tally of the times you READ things: a text from a friend, a menu, a street sign, a text book, an advertisement. Look at the times you WRITE to communicate like a Facebook post, creating a caption to an Instagram picture or a meme, passing a note in class, signing a card or a cast for a friend.Though you all may not recognize GRAMMAR, its importance is a tool others use to gage your education and your intelligence; ever asked a Language Arts teacher, "Can I go to the bathroom?"Where would you be without COMPREHENSION: imagine reading a stop sign and then forgetting what it instructed you to do while driving? How would Rap music be in existence without devices such as RHYTHMSTANZA, and RHYMEPOETIC elements are in everything from our childhood memories "Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg," to the first Valentines' card written by a crush. The next time you are temped to say you hate language arts, remember the importance of PUNCTUATION:"Eat your dinner!" is not the same as "Eat! You're dinner!"and knowing the difference may just save your life!