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We offer individual academic planning sessions with students and/or parents using a solution-focused brief counseling approach.

The goals of individual sessions are to:

  • Identify barriers to academic success.
  • Identify personal strengths that help with academic success.
  • Identify resources to promote academic success.
  • Build support structures through communication and relationships with our school community.
  • Empower students to find their independence by walking with them as they build skills that will help them reach their academic potential.

Need Help? Contact your School Counselor we are happy to help!

Here are some things to think about and try on your own if you are struggling academically:

  • Have you contacted your teacher to talk about what you are having trouble with?

  • Are you using the help offered by your teacher? Office Hours, After School Tutoring, etc.

  • Are you using your time responsibly?

  • Have you created a plan to make up missing assignments?

  • Do you have a daily routine to help you stay on target?


In addition to the list above, here are some things that may be affecting your Academic Performance that we are here to support you with:

  • Have there been any major changes in your life?

  • Are you feeling like you have no motivation or that you are losing motivation to get things done?

  • Have you been consistently sad, angry, stressed, or anxious?

  • Do you have access to the things you need to be successful? Internet, school supplies, etc.


*If any of these apply to you reach out to your School Counselor*

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