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EL Program

At Raney ...EL Pyramid

We have three important goals. Our goal is to work together collaboratively with parents, students, and teachers for the overall success of the student. Within that goal, we strive to ensure that each English Learner improves at least one California English Language Development Test (CELDT) level each academic year, which means improving in the domains of listening, speaking, and writing. By working hard together, we can be sure that each English Learner becomes proficient or advanced on their California Standards Test (CST).

The program for English Learners at Raney is extensive. The program is about increasing the English language proficiency of students so that they can attain the academic standards. We provide educational experiences and services that enable an EL student to be successful in the regular education classroom and maintain satisfactory progress within the appropriate grade level. Raney tries to acclimate English Learners with the varied cultures and customs associated with the United States while maintaining their own ethnic pride. The English Learner program at Raney also strives to facilitate effective communication patterns with classroom teachers, principals, counselors, support staff, and parents in a fashion that supports the educational, social, emotional, physical, and developmental well-being of each individual English Learner. Again, your student's success is our success!

In CNUSD ...

As a school district, we have over 8,000 English Learners representing well over 45 languages. We take pride in serving all of our English Learner needs in various ways. Approximately 98% of our staff, including teachers and administrators hold state certification for teaching English Learners. Staffs, including principals, teachers and bilingual paraprofessionals have received staff development which enables them to teach in a manner that is accessible to English Learner at various levels of English language proficiency.

CNUSD offers four program options for each English Learner. All program options lead to English proficiency. The description of these options is available to you via a DVD at all sites as well as by having a meeting with your site administrator upon enrollment at any CNUSD school.

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